Nvidia as a company was founded back in 1993 by Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem. It is a graphics chip company that grew by leaps and bounds to what it is currently in the tech industry. That notwithstanding back in 2002 it was crowned fastest growing company. Its main concept and objectives at its inception were to become a global manufacturer and dealer in consumer devices such as games and other multimedia. As of the recent past decade, the company has been able to develop and produce some incredible and mind-blowing technology. Here is just a sample preview.

  1. Clara.

The name Clara might sound unusual for a tech company. But in fact, Clara is the name of a medical imaging computer introduced by Nvidia as of recent. Clara is not just a computer but a supercomputer for that matter The new piece of tech was introduced by the company’s CEO and he described it as a remote-controlled computer manipulated piece of medical equipment that can be operated by several users concurrently. The introduction of Clara into the medical technology platform has upgraded the industry since most medical equipment are not as optimal functioning as one would think. This due to lack of proper state of the art equipment being integrated into medical devices. Clara provides for better quality image production from existing image scanners used in hospitals.

2. Autonomous Car simulation software.

As of the recent past, NVIDIA has introduced some driverless constellation system. This is as a result of accidents caused by test driverless vehicles such as that that occurred involving uber. The driverless system is cloud-based and has its base in a virtual reality system that helps to avoid collisions. The driverless software simulates the use of vehicle accessory parts such as the camera, radar, and sensors. The software other advantages are that it has a capacity to test a variety of scenarios ranging from quite dangerous to extremely dangerous. If the driverless tech comes into full play it would help eradicate a significant amount in autonomous cars accidents.

  1. 2018 Workstation GPU.

Sometime earlier this year NVIDIA CEO announced the release of the Quadra GV100.T he Quadro is a workstation that will essentially help graphic designers for video games and films to produce better quality images that are almost real-like. By saying film I am primarily speaking of animation films produced by Disney and the likes. The Quadro GV100 is based on the latest architectural concept integrated into the company that of the Volta.

In conclusion, with the above stated 3 pieces of equipment, one would categorically state that NVIDIA as a tech company is a force to be reckoned with in the technological industry. The driverless simulation system could well help reduce accidents on the roads. The Quadro GV100 will help produce better quality images for video game lovers and Clara will help produce better images from hospital scanners to ensure proper diagnosis. That notwithstanding Nvidia stocks last year skyrocketed reaching heights never experienced before