Mac Data Recovery Software Disk Drill ported to Windows

The once Mac data recovery disk drill data recovery can now be used by the windows OS. It was introduced to the market in 2010. It was originally meant to recover deleted files from hard disk, USB and SSD. Disk drill is licensed as a windows software.

 Its main aim is to recover data files that were deleted from storage device. It has the recovery vault technology and it works on all windows including the latest. The recovery vault technology is what that makes recovery of data possible.

 It usually a background service that tend to remember all data properties. This way it is able to restore data with its original name in its original location. It is also compatible with FAT and NTFS, HFS+ and EXT2/3/4.It is also able to create copies of the disk and partition.

Its benefits are: 

Due to the fact that it has several different recovery algorithms, this enables it to deep scan, quick scan and also recover deleted file.

v It runs through all, piece by piece, until you recover your data. Anyone can be able to use this software because all you need to do is click the button and Disk Drill begin doing its work this is made possible by the fact that it has no complicated interface.

 It is very quick in recovering files, making it more efficient. It is also able to retrieve partition that have been deleted or formatted. This makes it have an upper hand because most DIY data recovery software tend to not be able to retrieve partition fully or at all.

> What it does is look for the partition then rebuild it, this way you recover your files. It is also able to protect data this is through the coretechnology: Recovery Vault. This is because when retrieving data it automatically have a copy of the deleted files.

 Disk Drill is able to restore data from any drive as well as from any format storage. 

Other features include: you can resume and pause scan at your own convenience and can also have a memory card scan. It also highlight the progression of the scan. You can also browse your files while in scanning because it updates on real-time.

 You are also able to select multiple files and folder that you want to recover, no need of recovering unnecessary files.

 It is also able to warn you in case the selected data that you want to recover will affect the other deleted files, this makes sure that the process is successful. 

The disk drill is worth your time and it will relieve you from pressure and stress of losing your data. Now, you data is protected.